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  • Perla Garcia – Body Piercer

    Meet our latest member to our body piercing team Perla Garcia

  • Marv Santos – Body Piercer

    Marv Santos – Body Piercer

    Yo! My name’s Marv! I’m one of the piercers here. I’ve been piercing since ‘08 and still love what I do. Let me show you how much I love my job! Follow me on Instagram

  • D.Luna – Body Piercer

    D.Luna – Body Piercer

    D. Luna – Body Piercer at Studio City Tattoo Luna began her piercing career in 2014 in Murrieta, California. After spending a few years working in the Inland Valley, her desire to accumulate her experience led her to work in Costa Mesa, Pasadena, and now in Studio City. Luna finds a great deal of joy […]

  • Steve White – Body Piercer

    Steve White – Body Piercer

    Steve is amazing ! He pierced my nose and my conch today 🙂 Happy bday to me I didn’t even hardly feel anything at all! He was done so fast my body was like “wait wasn’t that supposed to hurt?” He’s clearly an expert that has it down to a science. My nose looks so much better now that he re- pierced it after I went to a diff shop and got a poorly placed piercing. All fixed now yay Steve!