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I came here when I was 18 to get my nose pierced, went off to college, back to LA, and was recommended to a “high end” tattoo parlor in Weho which I went to for all my piercings and tats for a while. Will definitely be back here for any future piercings. Thank you SCT!

I should never have gone anywhere else. Came back here yesterday to get my nips pierced after a two failed attempts by the other guys (piercing was too shallow both times). I called around a couple places and this was one of the few who employs female piercers. Helena was amazing and professional and made me feel so at ease with the whole process. I expressed my concerns about prior experiences and she was attentive and meticulous. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy with the experience. Everyone was so nice, explanatory, and very chill.
from Los Angeles

helena body piercer studio city tattoo
Helena – Body Piercer @ Studio City Tattoo

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