James Rajewski – Client Testimonials

James is AWESOME! He’s so sweet and understood how nervous and anxious I was for all my piercings. He was patient and talked me through it all… made me feel comfortable other than a great personality he did excellent piercings! Measured them perfectly & sterilized everything and I’ve had them done before and didn’t meet anyone as clean and professional as him. Thank you James

My advice is he knows what he’s doing, trust him 🙂

James Rajewski


I offer myself selflessness to you all.. I pierce/scarification/suspension/ modify anything/ and am an instructor of all of these. allow me to modify u or show you the way….

I am a body piercer/modification artist, scarification, suspension/performance artist.. and i am a nationally known,award winning instructor in all of these facets.I have been working at Studio City Tattoo for the last 10 years.

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Latest news. Steve has moved to the East Coast. You can visit him at his new location in Cambridge, Massachusetts . Chameleon Tattoo & Body Piercing