Helena – Client Testimonials

This review is LONG OVERDUE:

I do have some piercings that I’ve done back home years ago. However, I’ve been in and out of LA, so on my first visit to this shop, I was a little nervous. I was long overdue for another piercing and the shop had many great reviews on yelp, so why not!?

Over the last half a year or so, I have gotten multiple piercings (my ears: tragus both sides, industrial and  forward helix) from this shop and I absolutely love the decor and vibe. I have no complaints on the workers that I’ve met, all are friendly and willing to chat, time permitted of course.

I have come back on multiple occasions to get a piercing done by Helena and she is beyond wonderful. She ensures that you are happy with the location and piercing before and after. She’s very knowledgeable and passionate about piercing, so she’ll make sure all your questions are answered before you leave.

This shop can and does get busy when it comes to piercings. Believe me that I’m always ecstatic with my results, so I AM willing to wait. I won’t be able to come back as much as I would like, but I’m a loyal customer to this shop and Helena. I couldn’t ask for a better piercer.


Studio City Tattoo/Los Angeles body Piercing is a second home to piercer Helena Wilson. A Los Angeles native through and through, Helena completed her apprenticeship at Studio City Tattoo and is currently approaching her fifth year of piercing. In a predominately male industry, Helena is one female piercer who has sincerely made a name for herself and her craft. Equal parts skillful and caring, she provides clients with both stunning professionalism and a comforting sense of humor. Some of Helena’s favorite piercings to do include conch piercings and double or triple ear piercings. She also enjoys embarking on ear projects where she can thoroughly collaborate with her clients to achieve a uniquely gorgeous end result. Patrons leave Helena’s care more confident, contented, and informed – a true testament to her talent and hard work.