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All our artists are CAL-OSHA certified annually in the latest blood-borne pathogen and anti-cross contamination technique and handling standards for your safety. Both shop and artists have licenses by the Los Angeles County Health Department. We are now open for piercing appointments.

Client reviews on Yelp


Helena – Body Piercer

I should never have gone anywhere else. Came back here yesterday to get my nips pierced after a two failed attempts by the other guys (piercing was too shallow both times). I called around a couple places and this was one of the few who employs female piercers. Helena was amazing and professional and made me feel so at ease with the whole process. I expressed my concerns about prior experiences and she was attentive and meticulous. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy with the experience. Everyone was so nice, explanatory, and very chill.

marv santos studio city tattoo body piercer

Marv Santos – Body Piercer

Yo! My name’s Marv! I’m one of the piercers here. I’ve been piercing since ‘08 and still love what I do. Let me show you how much I love my …

D.Luna – Body Piercer

D. Luna – Body Piercer at Studio City Tattoo Luna is the newest member of Studio City Tattoo & Los Angeles Body Piercing who began her piercing career in 2014 …

steve white los angeles body piercer

Steve White – Body Piercer

Steve is amazing ! He pierced my nose and my conch today 🙂 Happy bday to me

I didn’t even hardly feel anything at all! He was done so fast my body was like “wait wasn’t that supposed to hurt?” He’s clearly an expert that has it down to a science. My nose looks so much better now that he re- pierced it after I went to a diff shop and got a poorly placed piercing. All fixed now yay Steve!